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Nov. 1st, 2014 10:03 pm
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❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

■ NAME: Gunah Suyumkhe Lhangkamsa Suyumkhe or Shuyi
■ ID CODE: NHD-A10-SYK-496
■ CANON: Original
■ AGE: 99 Earth years, early thirties equivalent
■ CURRENT TEAM & STATUS: Blue Team and peachy keen
■ LANGUAGE: A few ethnic Atagui dialects (which you may recognize as being similar to Tibetan and Mongolian) and the People's Language as prescribed by the Rauthas.
■ INVENTORY: Later . . .
❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
■ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Go for it. She would gladly accept hugs and kisses from anyone. She wouldn't initiate unless given clear signals that it's welcome, knowing that not everyone wants a hug from a walking atomic bomb, but she would assume she's earned a pass for life once the other person makes the first move. She would pounce on them like there's no tomorrow. Consider this a warning.

■ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Scrapes and bruises are always fine, ask for anything more major. She sees no use in retaliating and would only hit back if: a) the attacker will hurt others if not stopped, b) she has reasons for wanting to harm the person whether or not they had attacked her or c) the CDC tells her to. She wouldn't die for another recruit unless she's 100% certain that she would be brought back to life, because her mission is greater than herself. Having said that, Shuyi tends to be rash and may jump into danger to save someone without thinking, so it's possible she could inadvertently die for another. She would kill and mutilate anyone dead or alive if she must, even if it would deeply disturb her.

■ RELATIONSHIPS: Yes to all kinds, but note that she is skeptical of promises and commitment (even if, deep down, a constant is something she seeks with all her heart and soul). As with sex, friendships and everything else, she's happier to go with the flow with nothing to tie her down and so am I! I much prefer letting relationships develop organically rather than planning it out.

■ MENTAL INFORMATION: She is constantly mindful of her body; how is she breathing, how fast is her heart beating, how does the air feel against her skin. All that is at the forefront of her mind, with everything else in the background. On top of that, her mind tends to wander very, very far. It's very likely that she's contemplating the origin of the universe while eating cereal and telling you about her bad hair day. Tell me if your character is trying to read her thoughts and I may add more details.

■ MEDICAL INFORMATION: She only looks human. Her chemical composition and genetic code is massively different. Her anatomy is strikingly similar, but her skin is thicker, her flesh sturdier and her bones much denser. She weighs more than 200 pounds despite appearances. Her blood runs silvery yellow as it contains radioactive metals, the way human blood would have iron. In the dark, one can notice her eyes glowing Cherenkov blue. Breathing, eating and drinking are necessary.

■ FAVORITE SENSORY INPUT: Sound. She finds music and silence to be nothing short of transcendent and would be easily captivated by those whose voices she finds attractive. She enjoys sitting still only to listen to white noise; the sound of rustling grass, whistling wind and the quiet hum of machines.

■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: To each their own is her motto. She believes everyone has reasons for committing even the most horrible of crimes and thinks that people are more than the worst thing they've ever done (if only because she hopes others believe this of her too). So commonly controversial subjects don't offend her even if she disagrees with the other character's view. What does rile her up is thoughtless killing of any living being. Murdering an entire planet for the CDC is fine by her as it's driven by purpose, but mindless squashing of ants would anger her because it's needless. She becomes irritated by those who give up easily or those she feels aren't living up to their full potential by choice. She would be hard-pressed to forgive a lie, even small ones, especially if she has demanded the truth. She would destroy everything you hold dear if you intentionally and systematically deceive her to affect her choices.

■ REBELLIOUS TENDENCIES: While she led a group of rebels for a time, Shuyi is loyal in character and single-minded in her intent to earn a new planet for Lungme, so she would lay low and keep her head down for that reason, even if she disagrees with the CDC.
❚❚❚❚❚ OOC.
■ PREFERRED CONTACT: HMD or PM this account
■ BACKTAGGING: My lifeblood
■ THREADHOPPING: Yes. Ask to hack!

■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: None for me. But note that her history involves racism, colonialism, arranged marriages, politicking, ritual suicide, race extinction, war and nuclear apocalypse. If you don't want me to ever tag you, let me know on this post. All comments are screened. No questions asked and no hard feelings!

■ NO SCENARIOS: I'm fine with anything as long as it's IC. If you're unsure, ask me!

■ ANYTHING ELSE? I as a person can be quite brash and excitable. I run my mouth especially if I feel we're getting along, but I'm also hard to offend. So please, tell me off or PM me or slap my hand when I annoy you. Nothing's too trivial. The worst that will happen is I like you more for having the gumption to tell it to my face ♥
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Leave me any comments on how I play Shuyi.

Is she engaging to tag with? Did I drop a thread or tag back too slow or did you wonder why she did what she did? I'm no expert on nuclear science either so any input on that would be much appreciated.


All comments are unscreened for transparency's sake. Thank you for taking the time to help me improve!
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